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We're Here for You! We care about you. We know that you are facing perhaps the greatest personal crisis of your life. Some of the feelings you may be experiencing are fear, disbelief, anger and loneliness. Your whole world may be changing and you don't know what to do or where to turn. You don't have to face it alone. We are prepared to help you no matter what your circumstances are.

About The Crisis Pregnancy Center

We at The Brandon Crisis Pregnancy Center are a non-profit organization devoted to helping out pregnant women and teens. We provide not only our services but, unconditional love, compassionate counselors, confidentiality, pregnancy tests, support groups, medical and legal referrals, physical, emotional & spiritual support, and post abortion counseling. What we're saying is that, we are here for YOU. We take time to listen to your needs, and provide you with an heart filled with love, and an open hand for which to hold. At this time, The Brandon Crisis Pregnancy Center is currently in the midst of expanding, and we need your help to make this dream come true! We have $7,000 of the needed $40,000 that has come through from donations and pledges. If you would like to help out, please contact the CPC at (813) 654-0491. We are also selling at this time, Life Steps which are personalized engraved memorials..

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What We Can Do For You.......

Support Groups

  • Pregnancy Support Group-for women and teens seeking understanding and encouragement during pregnancy.
  • Moms & Tots Support Group-for young mothers with small children seeking support and encouragement with parenting skills.
  • Adoption Support Group-sharing information, counseling, and support for women considering placing their babies for adoption.
  • Post Abortion Healing Support Group-for women who are suffering from post trauma with the ultimate goal of receiving healing.

Our Special Services

Our TLC Program exists to help you acquire skills for becoming a good parent and to provide the opportunity for you to earn points toward items which you and your baby may need. Participation is through such activities as special counseling sessions, videos and books. Items to work for include maternity clothing, car seats, cribs, et cetera. Items are available from newborn through one year of age. We encourage you to participate, as doing so will help you and your unborn child start off on the right, (or left) foot.


On July 1, The Brandon Crisis Pregnancy Center will move back into it's newly renovated headquarters on Moon Ave. An urgent need to provide funding for a counseling room and staff furnishings currently exists. To date, the reception area has been underwritten, but an additional $30,000 is required to make the Center fully operational upon move-in. The "Life Steps" program is a program designed to help out the CPC but, also be at the same time a rewarding momento of something special. Life Steps is a unique and exquisite memorial walkway at the Center's entrance that offers you the opportunity to honor those you love with a memorible gift. These attractive brick pavers, engraved with your memorial message will serve as a constant encouragement to clients visiting the Center, and as a testament to the hundreds of volunteers and friends of this vital community ministry. You can select one of the five paver sizes to honor a relative, friend, pastor, or unborn child...offer words of encouragement...or have a favorite scripture dedicated as an open prayer for all to see. Won't you help others take the first steps toward life today?

To Order: Call= (813) 654-0491 or Send a check or money order. Please make all checks payable to the Brandon Crisis Pregnancy Center,122 N. Moon Ave. Brandon, FL 33510. For your convience we've provided a virtual order form, fill it out on your computer, then print it out, cut out the order form, and send it to:122 N. Moon Ave. Brandon, FL 33510. Thank you! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Which Memorial brick would you like?:

  • 16"x16" brick-$1000
  • 12"x12" brick-$500
  • 10"x10" brick-$300
  • 8"x8" brick-$250
  • 4"x8" brick-$200

How would you like to pay?


Our Hours and Places where you can reach Us

The Brandon Crisis Pregnancy Center, 122 N. Moon Ave. Brandon, FL 33510

Phone:(813) 645-0491

Hours: Mon.-Wed. 9am-5pm
Tues.&Thurs. Evening 7-9pm
Thursday 9am-noon
Friday 9am-12:00

Please help us out! Any donations would be appreciated greatly, as we are helping others in need who may not have the things we do. If you are able to help out, please mention you saw this site! Thank you!

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